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Thank you for choosing Elev8 Co (All Sports Direct Pty Ltd) as your supplier of Clothing. It is very important that you take the time to read the following information about your order so that you can remain informed regarding delivery.

Please note the following ‘approximate’ delivery times for your orders:


Plain (no logos / numbers etc) - Approx 1-2 weeks
With numbers applied - Approx 2-3 weeks
With logos * Approx 2-4 weeks


Plain (no logos / numbers etc) - Approx 2 weeks
With numbers applied - Approx 3 weeks
With logos - * Approx 4 weeks


Plain (no logos / numbers etc) - Approx 4 - 8 weeks
With numbers applied - Approx 5 - 9 weeks
With logos - * Approx 6 - 10 weeks

* Logos either Thermofilm / Embroidered / Screenprinted


When will production of your order commence?
Your order will commence production upon receipt of the following:
1. Confirmation of your order as sent through by our Accounts Dept.
2. A 70% deposit of the total amount of your order or full payment if you are a pre-paid customer.
3. Clear high resolution copies of all logos required (vector files - .eps, .ai or .cdr)

What will delay your orders?

Christmas/Easter/Public Holidays etc..
Extended holidays such as Christmas or Easter will effect normal delivery times stated above. Some Suppliers close their factories up to 3 weeks during these holidays. We will inform you of any such closures as they come about, however it is important to be aware of lengthy delays around these times.
Chinese New Year
Any overseas orders placed with overseas suppliers will be affected in late January, the whole of February and early March. Chinese factories shut down for the whole month of February. This can add 4-6 weeks to your delivery. (ie if you order 1st January - delivery will more often than not be end of March or April (Approx.) due to these closures.)
Out of Stocks
Elev8 Co (All Sports Direct) may have lines / items out of stock from time to time. We will endeavour to keep you informed if this is the case for your order.
Whilst we endeavour to have your order sent to you ASAP, some external factors are beyond our control such as transport times and deliveries etc.

Delivery Times

We are strongly focused on customer service. Part of our customer service is to always be honest and never mislead our customers. This is why we will always provide you with ‘approximate delivery’ times. For example approx 6 - 8 weeks delivery could be 6 weeks, 8 weeks or 10 weeks. Manufacturing can also provide unexpected delays, from machinery breakdowns to staff illnesses or transport issues. If or when these problems occur, it can result in your order being delayed so it is extremely important that you are aware that although it is regrettable, these circumstances are beyond Elev8 Co's (All Sports Direct’s) control. Nothing in manufacturing can be guaranteed!!! Well almost nothing... we can guarantee honesty & hard work, we will always do our best for our customers & promise to keep you informed with regular communication of your order status at all times.

We use two different hosiery mills to try our best to meet demand. We use an Australian mill for our traditional nylon socks and an overseas mill for our first rate European style sock. We endeavour to supply colours that match as close as possible, but cannot always do so. Small over-runs/under-runs can also occur and will be invoiced accordingly. +/- 5% is considered order fulfilled.

Each year we endeavour to source the same colours for our range of shirts / shorts etc, but please be aware that due to different dye batches, this cannot always be guaranteed.

It is our intention to maintain firm prices. However due to circumstances beyond our control, alterations to some prices become necessary without notice. Embroidery surcharges may occur on small quantities.

A minimum of 100 pieces per order of either shirts or shorts and a minimum of 10 pieces per size is required.